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Acer Teases New Laptop with Star Trek Into Darkness Tie-in



With the release of a trailer that makes references to a special laptop coming soon, computing manufacturer Acer is apparently planning a tie-in between a new laptop and the upcoming film Star Trek: Into Darkness.

The trailer, which users can watch in its entirety below, features scenes from the latest Star Trek movie punctuated by views of a laptop with Acer branding rolling down a steep incline. The laptop seems to have a unique hinge previously unseen in Acer’s line of portable PCs. As the laptop rolls down the steep incline, the laptop’s screen starts to catch wind, revealing the laptop to have a screen that’s capable being repositioned in a fashion not all that dissimilar from a notebook that could transform into a tablet.

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Throughout the trailer there also wording design to impress upon the watcher that what’s being hinted at something completely different from what Acer has done before. These references together read:  “A unique notebook, will arrive, May 3rd.

The trailer then ends with “Acer: Explore beyond limits”, an obvious reference to the initiative Acer feels it’s shown in introducing this new laptop.

While Acer has shown that it’s able to compete in the latest notebook trends, so far it hasn’t done so as aggressively as other Windows device makers particularly, the world’s largest vendor Lenovo. As shipments of PCs worldwide fall, manufacturers will have to find new ways of differentiating their products from the traditional laptop and desktop form factors they’ve relied on thus far.

Recent sales numbers from IDC suggest that rather than Windows 8 stalling sales of personal computers, tablets have begun to encroach on sales of traditional computers for users with only basic computer needs.

As Windows 8 was designed to enable multiple form factors it does enable Acer to think outside of the box when creating their next crop of personal computers.

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In our round up of ultrabooks that also doubled as tablets, we found that devices like the Dell XPS 12, and Asus TAICHI could lend themselves well in helping bridge that gap between tradition laptops and tablets.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. NewKid

    04/23/2013 at 10:41 pm

    all in one/ laptop at the same time. this the perfect competition with the imac

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