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Acer to Release ASUS Eee-like System?



Acer logo Apparently the Chinese newspaper Commercial Times has reported that Acer will follow in ASUS’ footsteps and release a small system with 8"-9" screen, sometime in late Q1 or early Q2. Of course, this is about the same time that the rumored Eee update will be made available.

Acer will outsource the production of its low-cost notebooks to Wistron, while purchasing LCD panels from AU Optronics (AUO), which will produce 8- and 9-inch panels at its fifth-generation (G5) production lines for both Acer and Asustek, the paper indicated.

This is good news. Wistron generally has pretty good quality control, so I would expect that system produced there should be worth the money, particularly if these hit the same $300-$400 price point that the ASUS Eee enjoys. It also looks like the Acer and ASUS units will share the same screens. This will help drive down costs and make it easier to get replacements in the event the screen breaks.

via Engadget, DigiTimes

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