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Acer V 17 Nitro Brings RealSense 3D to Gamers



At CES 2015, Acer unveiled a new edition to its Nitro series of gaming laptops dubbed Acer V 17 Nitro. The company’s new laptop features a number of impressive specifications though the standout is a brand new RealSense 3D camera system from Intel, a feature that will help it separate from the crowd.

With companies like Lenovo putting forth new gaming machines, it’s only right that Acer unveil a new gaming laptop of its own. Here in Las Vegas, the company is showing off its new edition to the Nitro family, the V 17. The V 17 Nitro comes armed with an array of specifications familiar to those familiar with the landscape though it does come with an intriguing feature that sets its apart from competitors from Lenovo and HP.

Acer V17 Nitro - 5-X2

Acer’s new gaming laptop comes implemented with Intel’s RealSense 3D camera. The RealSense 3D technology isn’t new but it’s the first time that we’re seeing it from Acer. The technology is a mixture of reality, and augmented reality, and it opens up a world of interesting possibilities for users. For gamers, this means more intense, more realistic interaction with games. There are a variety of other use cases too.

The company boasts that the 3D camera will track movement so that users can interact with webpages, applications and yes, games, without having to touch the keyboard. It’s an interesting proposition to say the least. Furthermore, the camera will allow users to take advantage of 3D printing and scanning. Simply take a photo, scan it, save it, and it will be ready to be printed in 3D using a compatible printer.

Acer V17 Nitro - 2-X2

The Acer V 17 Nitro also comes with an assortment of other specifications as well including a 17.3-inch Full HD display, four built-in speakers (8W total output) that deliver incredible sound, a fourth-gen Intel¬†Core i7-4710HQ Quad Core processor supplemented by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics card, up to 16GB of memory, and a dust removal platform called Acer DustDefender. It runs Microsoft’s Windows 8.1.

Acer V17 Nitro - 1-X2

While Acer is showing off its brand new V 17 Nitro at CES 2015, the company still hasn’t announced any release date details or any pricing information for those looking to snag a brand new gaming laptop. The company tells us that the release date and pricing will vary by region and we expect Acer’s sleek new laptop to check in in and around the $1500 price point, a price point where we’ve seen most gaming laptops fall in recent years.

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