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Acer W510 Windows 8 Convertible takes on Surface RT at $499



Acer joins the Windows 8 tablet party with the company’s first 10-inch convertible tablet to run the latest version of Windows, complete with a keyboard dock.

Shoppers can buy the Acer W510 starting at $499 on November 9th from select retailers. The Keyboard dock is optional on the $499 and $599 models.

The Acer W510 carries the “Convertible” label, which we expect to see on a number of Windows 8 tablets that will take on the Surface RT and Surface tablets this fall.

The Acer W510 includes an optional dock.

The Acer W510 pairs with an optional keyboard dock.

Acer calls the W510 a “triple threat” because it offers up three modes of use. The Acer W510 acts like any other 10-inch slate while out of the dock. When in the keyboard dock, users double battery life up to 18 hours and are able to use a full size keyboard.

The third use case is to swivel the keyboard dock around so it acts as a stand with the keyboard behind the screen, allowing users to prop the tablet up for watching movies or interacting with a game.


The keyboard dock can hold the W510 for movies and gaming.

Inside Acer uses a 1.5GHZ  Intel Atom Z2760 processor to power the tablet paired with 2GB RAM and 32GB to 64GB of storage. The 10.1=inch display uses Gorilla Glass 2 for added strength and sports a 1366 x 768 resolution, like most consumer notebooks.

Users can shoot video with the rear facing 8MP camera and take photos to import into Windows Apps. There is a front facing 2MP camera capable of HD video, which will come in hand for video chatting.

All Acer W510 models include WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 as well as Micro HDMI, a Micro SD card reader and Micro USB 2.0 connectivity. There’s also a USB 2.0 port on the keyboard dock.

ICONIA W510_01

The Acer Iconia W510 offers 18 hours of battery life with the keyboard dock.

Users can carry the Acer w510 without breaking a sweat, it weighs in at 1.32 pounds and 2.63 pounds with the keyboard. That’s slightly lighter than the New iPad without the keyboard and a little heavier than the 11-inch MacBook Air when paired with the keyboard dock. The tablet is 0.35-inches thick, a little thinner than the iPad. With the keyboard dock the combo measures 0.84-inches thick.

Acer offers four models of the W510 ranging from 32GB of storage starting at $499 up to 64GB of storage  a keyboard dock and two-year warranty for $799. Expect to see the Windows 8 tablets arrive in retail stores in early November.

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1 Comment

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    You used the Windows Tablet for your Acer mock? Come on man!!

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