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Acronis Releases Backup App Designed for Netbooks



Complete hard disk recovery solution, backup, drive copy, clone and image computer softwareI like Acronis products a lot and use them on my Windows PCs for backup and recovery (you do have a backup solution don’t you?).  Acronis has just released True Image Home Netbook Edition 2010, which is supposedly tailored just for Netbooks. I have not tried this out, and I’m not tremendously sure as to what really sets it apart from the regular Acronis TrueImage 2010 other than that the product page for the latter is touting support for Windows 7 (although the product page for the Netbook edition says it works with Windows 7) and it is $20 more expensive. The Netbook edition costs $29.99 and the non-Netbook edition costs $49.99. The data sheet does say this:

Designed Specifically for Netbooks
Netbook systems are not just small laptops. Netbooks typically use a lower powered processor, have less memory, and smaller displays than traditional laptops. Acronis designed a special full-featured edition of Acronis True Image Home to work specifically on Netbooks. Get the same backup and recovery technology found in other Acronis products, designed to work on smaller, lower powered Netbook systems.

Both products are touting an online backup solution that is optional, which translated means you’ll have to pay for storage. Of course that’s the normal business model for online backup services of which there are quite a few available..

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sam

    09/30/2009 at 6:32 pm

    If you check the manual for the Netbook edition, it seems they may allow it to run only on netbook level processors, though the list doesn’t seem to include the Celeron-M ULV, A100/A110, or VIA Nano. They might have also removed some features not very useful to netbook owners, but I’d have to spend a lot more time comparing the manuals to find out (from the data sheet, they seem to have removed SAS support, for example…)

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