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Active Digitizer on a UMPC – InPlay Technologies



inplay This would be the answer to MANY people’s dreams for the UMPC – I know Warner would be a big fan.  InPlay Technologies will be showing their 7 inch active digitizer next week at CES 2008.  If there was a UMPC with this type of screen, it would be a huge hit right from the start.  Keep an eye out next week as I am sure we’ll be finding this for sure!!

From InPlay Press release:

Enhanced user experience with active RF, digital pen technology.
Introduced in 2006, the ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) platform ushered in a new generation of mobile devices. Early specifications only included a passive stylus. InPlay has developed a solution to bring the benefits of active digitizer technology to the UMPC market.

System overview:
  · 7" digitizer: InPlay’s single-board solution fits easily behind the LCD screen
  · Active RF pen with InPlay’s digital technology
  · Customizable from low-cost corded pen with basic handwriting input capability to feature-rich cordless pen

InPlay’s active RF pen adds greater accuracy and enhanced functionality such as hover, tilt and pressure sensitivity, creating a more user-friendly interaction versus a passive stylus. Additionally, there is less wear and tear on the writing surface than experienced with traditional touch screens.
The UMPC platform takes the functionality of a full-size laptop PC into a light, portable device about the size of a paperback book. Most UMPC devices currently on the market offer a touch screen interface with a passive stylus. By adding InPlay’s active digitizer and pen, OEMs can offer an enhanced user experience in their next-generation products.

Thanks to JKK for the heads up!!

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