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Active Ink Software Launches Software for Physical Therapists



active_ptPhysical therapists looking for some ways to improve their interaction with their patient should take a look at Active Ink Software’s new application Active PT. Details on Active PT can be found below. Active PT is $1000 + $200 per month.

By the way, congratulations to Active Ink Software on the launch of their new website.

Active Ink Software, Inc. announces the release of Active PT, a practice management solution for physical therapists. Active PT manages the interaction between the physical therapist and the patient by documenting the encounter and saving the physical therapist hours of data input. Active PT takes advantage of touch screen interfaces such as the tablet PC and other mobile computing devices while enhancing the therapist-patient experience. It integrates the scheduling, documentation, and billing processes into a complete records management solution.

Appointments, daily notes, and insurance claims are processed and managed much more efficiently saving the physical therapist time and money.

Active PT includes the following features: Pre-Built Templates, Customizable Forms, Pen Data Entry, Handwriting Recognition, Voice Dictation, Patient Scheduler, Electronic Charting, Email/Fax Transmission, Electronic Billing and Payment Processor Integration.

Included are a set of templates to help you document the encounter. If these templates don’t fit your needs, you can easily create your own to suit your own specifications. Active PT makes incorporating drawings, voice recordings, pictures, and videos into the patient’s chart a breeze.

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