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Active Ink Software starts blogging



While driving on I-70 headed west to Colorado Springs today, Steve Hoffman of Active Ink Software gave me a ring. Steve and I met several years ago at CES and got to know each other a bit better at the Mobile Partners conference in Redmond this past January. Active Ink Software was one of the very first sponsors of GBM, totally supporting what we were attempting to launch. Active Ink Software makes forms based software for Tablet PC users. I produced an InkShow of Active Ink Forms Designer when it was at version 4.2 and I’m doing another one on version 5 sometime in October.

Steve called to let me know that he has finally started blogging and is really enjoying it. The blog will be mostly focused on Active Ink’s core compentency: forms and Tablet PCs. My encouragement to Steve was to not let the blog become a PR machine. Instead talk about your software, talk about problems with your software, talk about successes, talk about your clients and how they use it, find out what businesses are struggling with and talk with them – engage the readers in a conversation. I’m subscribed and I’d encourage you to subscribe.

After talking with Steve about his blog, I started thinking about companies with blogs and what makes them successful. The ones I really enjoy reading are those that don’t outright try to sell me their product, but instead leave me with some tangible reasons to keep reading: hints and tips about their software, stuff they are doing in the industry, a little bit about the person writing the blog, people in the company, etc. A couple of corporate blogs I follow are:

What are some of your favorite company blogs and what do you like about them?



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