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Active Ink: Tablet PC Sales Expectations Never Realized



Insightful comments from Active Ink Software, one of the early and leading ISVs in the Tablet PC space, on Tablet PCs, sales, developers, and Microsoft:

Any venture capitalists out there paying attention?

As a tablet PC software developer, I feel your pain. We created an electronic form data entry application for the tablet PC five years ago and continue to have a loyal customer base but our expectations regarding tablet PC sales have never been realized.

From a developer’s perspective, it’s hard to get excited about developing for this platform when there is very little marketing being done to promote this technology. We love the tablet PC and will continue to enhance our application, but wish some of the bigger players would put a little marketing behind it.

I like the idea of a venture capitalist funding some of the tablet PC developers. Maybe that will jump-start the market.

Best Regards,

Steve Hoffman
Active Ink Software

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