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Adaptive / Multi-Touch Hardware InkShow



This past January at CES, we began to see the first indications of Tablet PCs being able to support both an active digitzer pen and touch, with the operating system adapting to both, while still offering a superb experience for the user.

Well, Hilton Locke, who works on the Mobile PC team at Microsoft, has been busy working on the touch aspect of Vista and gave me a demo of how touch works within Vista, the new touch pointer icon, and also how this new adaptive / multi-touch experience will offer additional benefits to the user. Hilton also let us know that he expects many OEMs to begin offering this type of display in their Tablet PCs once Vista is released, offering consumers a lot of choices.  To me, this type of adaptive display offers the best of all worlds, enabling me to interact with my Tablet PC  how I want to interact with it – touch or pen.

It is important to note that the Motion LE1600 Tablet PC that Hilton is demonstrating this on is an engineering prototype and is not indicitive of what Motion may or may not be working on.

You can keep up to date with what Hilton and the Mobile PC team are doing at

  • Watch the InkShow (22mb, 4:09 Windows Media streaming, or direct download)
  • Visit Hilton Locke’s blog
  • Visit the Tablet PC site


Video: Adaptive Multi-Touch Tablet PC Vista Demo

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