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 I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of the black and silver tablet pcs out there. It was great to see Toshiba buck the trend, and come out with a piano white R400; and to see Dialogue outfitting their FlyBook Tablet PCs with red, pink, and silver.

Until more OEMs start doing things differently, though, we do have some hope in a little company called Colorware. Courtesy of Engadget, we’ve learned that Colorware modifies and resells those standard, ugly laptops and spruces them up with a bit of color like orange, yellow, red, and 26 other bright shades to enhance your mobile lifestyle. They currently have offerings for various Dell laptops, Lenovo T60P, Gateway M266, and Apple MacBook Pro.

Unfortunately, they do not offer any Tablet PCs, but according to Engadget, they plan on offering a service to allow the customer to send in their unit for a bit of color enhancement. No word on what devices they will support, though. I’m sure if they heard from enough Tablet / UMPC enthusiasts, we’d see something in the offering  .. hint, hint

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