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Add a little extra to your iPad with Boingo WiFi



Its T- a few days to the official release of the iPad.  Time to make sure you have everything you need to make your iPad worth your while.  Case- check. Keyboard dock- on order. Camera add on- on order with extra SD card. WiFi access through one of the largest WiFi providers– not yet.

Boingo, the WiFi service provider that has access to over 125,000 hotspots world-wide, and has launched an Apple application that allows iPad owners to purchase hourly access through an existing iTunes account.  Not to shabby a way to get surfing with the newIT device of the year.

While Boingo has their usual monthly subscription model, this new plan allows users who only need WiFi in small doses to get what they need for only $1.99 for the 60 minutes.  The app will also be able to work with iPhones and iPod Touches, which can open up a whole new segment of the WiFi market for Boingo.

As someone who has used Boingo in airports and over at Starbucks, the service works flawlessly and comes in handy when you REALLY need that WiFI access working.  And for the new iPad users, for $2 for guaranteed WiFi for their iPad, it sounds like a great day to have coffee and a YouTube video.

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