How to Add the Midas Golden Touch to Your Non-Gold iPhone
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How to Add the Midas Golden Touch to Your Non-Gold iPhone



If you have an older iPhone model before Apple unleashed the gold-hued iPhone 5s that created a modern day gold rush, or if you simply couldn’t get your hands on the gold 5s and opted instead for a silver or space gray model, fret not as you can mimic the look after the fact.

Customers in China who don’t have the patience to wait for Apple to replenish stock of the gold iPhone 5s are turning to third-party accessory solutions, like gold skins or stickers, to transform an ordinary iPhone into a golden one, according to the Wall Street Journal

Like Midas’ golden touch, this solution costs as little as just a few dollars on various online stores, including eBay and Amazon, and adds a little bit of pizzazz to the standard color palette of your iPhone.

ios_heroLikely, for this to work, we would recommend you choosing the silver model of the iPhone 5s as the sticker applied over the silver areas of the phone would best re-create Apple’s gold iPhone 5s. With the black model having a black band and black bezels around the front display, you’ll have a different look than what Apple had created with the original gold iPhone 5s.

The gold color is the most radically new color that Apple has introduced to its flagship iPhone series this year with the iPhone 5s. Additionally, the white and black options from last year’s iPhone are also replaced with a similar silver for the white and space gray for the black. And though many were skeptical of the success of the gold model, Apple had found that the gold iPhone 5s was a runaway success.

Overwhelming demand for the gold option meant that users are turning to the gray market to fetch a device, with at least one model fetching $10,000 at auction on eBay.

And in addition to choosing Apple’s faux gold model as well as skinning your iPhone or iPhone 5s to look like Apple’s latest design, you can also get a gold plated phone with real gold used. Now, that’s the true Midas touch and going with this option will set you back around $3,000, far more expensive than using a skin but far less expensive than some of the eBay auctions for Apple’s fake gold.

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