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Adobe Ideas- another way to “ink” on an iPad



You would think that since Apple has pretty much shunned Adobe when it comes to Adobe Flash and other Adobe application, Adobe wouldnt even care about applications on the iPad.  Wrong!  Adobe has come out with a new application for the iPad called Adobe Ideas.

What is Adobe Ideas? Adobe Ideas is ” your digital sketchbook, letting you capture and explore ideas anywhere you go. Adobe Ideas is an ideal companion for the professional design applications from Adobe, including Adobe Illustrator® and Adobe Photoshop® software.” In other words, its another way to ink on the iPad.  Users are able to draw and  sketch designs on their iPad and them email it as a PDF to their main desktop for editing and finessing with Photoshop or Illustrator.

I think it is also great as a portable whiteboard or even a pad to write on in general.  How often do you wish you had something like that?

Adobe Ideas is a free download from the iPad App Store.



  1. Doctor_Roe

    04/07/2010 at 11:57 am

    I understand that the iPad is a media-based entity and not meant for inking, etc like PC Tablets / slates, BUT is it me, or do all of the available ink solutions seem to be like first grade and fat crayons? I watched a demo of some ink solutions here on GBM and they all have the user writing in inch high characters!

    One of my evaluation criteria for Tablet / Slates is the ability to help the business side of my life first. iWorks is a start and should help with basic office needs. Where is the Ink Seine / Journal / One Note side? Probably coming soon, but in order to really be a player, it should be a more rounded solution. Couldn’t live a day without Ink Seine / Journal.

    ok, I know, it’s early for the iPad, but it’s late in the game for serious solutions in the tablet world.

    My .02 …..

  2. Nameless

    04/07/2010 at 11:59 pm

    There seem to be an awful lot of SketchBook Pro-type apps on the iPad (including a port of SketchBook Pro itself).

    However, as the commenter above points out, there’s still no real OneNote alternative (maybe MobileNoter will add ink support later on).

    To me, the even bigger problem simply lies in hardware-try as they might, a capacitive digitizer and stylus to match simply cannot touch Wacom’s active EMR pen digitizer technology for applications like these. The iPad lacks a Wacom digitizer and pen, and thus there’s no way for developers to even think of leveraging that.

    That’s why I’m hoping that the Microsoft Courier is a real product. The concept videos highly suggest the presence of a Wacom pen or something similar along with finger multi-touch, and it’s designed around this sort of thing to begin with.

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