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Adobe Proto Now Available in App Store



Adobe Proto, an interactive wireframe and prototype app for designers, is now available in the App Store for $9.99. The new iPad app makes it relatively easy to work through ideas on the iPad and share them with clients or colleagues via Adobe’s Creative Cloud service.

Adobe designed Proto from the ground up for tablets. While Adobe’s been showing off Proto on the iPad, it is also available for Android tablets.

This is a quick overview of Adobe Proto.


Proto has several stroke gestures that make it easy to place design elements with a single gesture. For example, users can draw a squiggly line to insert sample ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text. Drawing a triangle will insert a sample video player.

Prototypes and wireframes can be uploaded to Creative Cloud accounts so users can view them on their computers and share them with colleagues and clients.

While Proto won’t let you finish app or web designs on the iPad, it does look like a very nice way to get through the initial design hurdles, especially when there are multiple stakeholders.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a new subscription service that gives creatives access to Creative Suite 6 applications and Adobe’s online tools for $49.99 per month. This pricing is very attractive considering Creative Cloud provides users with the same applications bundled in Creative Suite 6 Master Collection, which runs  $2,599 per user.

Above  is a more thorough overview of the Proto app running on an Android tablet. As you can see, designers can layout entire websites and test out interactive features.

Proto is available now for just $9.99 in the App Store and Google Play.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jay

    05/12/2012 at 10:22 am

    > users can draw a squiggly line to
    > insert sample ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text

    Should come in handy, yet the generator at still is the most comprehensive and professional tool, particularly for foreign charsets.

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