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Adobe to release PDF to ISO



Just picked this up from Scoble on some great news on the PDF front – Adobe is releasing the 1.7 PDF spec for publication by the International Organization for Standarization ( ISO ).

Soley speaking from a Tablet PC perspective, this is great news. It opens the door for some standards as it relates to finally getting true ink standards in a PDF format that will be recognized by a standards committee. Kudos to Adobe to turning of the PDF spec to ISO.

Here is what is different in the 1.6 spec vs the 1.7 spec according to Scoble:

  1. New Print characteristics; paper selection, page range, copies, and scaling.
  2. New portable collections, IE, PDF packages.
  3. New Requirement handlers.
  4. Added improvements to 3D.
  5. Added improvements to annotations.
  6. Added improvements to tagging.
  7. Added improvements to digital signatures.

Here is the press release from Adobe

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