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Aereo Brings Streaming TV To Atlanta iPads on June 17



Today Aereo announced it will expand its service to a third city, Atlanta in June.

On June 17, those in Atlanta who signed up for information about the service coming their city will finally have the chance to sign up. A week later, on June 24, Aereo will open to everyone in the Atlanta area. The expansion into Atlanta makes it Aereo’s third city; the service will go live in Boston next week.

Aereo lets users watch live TV on their iPad, iPhone, Roku or desktop computer as long as they’re inside the service’s area. Aereo uses thousands or dime-sizes antennas to transmit network TV to users who subscribe to the services. For a monthly payment users gain access to two antennas: one for watching and recording TV, and another that only records TV.


Prices for Aereo start at $8 per month, which gives users 20 hours of cloud DVR storage. Aereo also offers a $12 a month plan that offers 60 hours of DVR storage. New users can get a month of streaming for free before deciding on a plan.

In the past Aereo offered day passes and yearly subscriptions, but it decided to get rid of those plans this week. Users in Atlanta and Boston will only have the option to pay for the service monthly.

Aereo is a good option for cord-cutters who still want to watch a few live events, such as awards shows or sports. It doesn’t offer sports on cable, but users can watch anything from FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS or any other station that broadcasts a signal over the air.

Content providers aren’t happy with Aereo, but a federal judge recently let the company continue its operation while network TV stations try to shut it down.

Seemingly as a response to Aereo, ABC recently released its own iOS app that will stream live TV, but it only works for users who already subscribe to a cable service.

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