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Aereo Simplifies Plans, Scraps Day Passes And Annual Subscriptions



Today live TV streaming service Aereo announced that it will simplify its plans by getting rid of the day passes and annual subscriptions in favor of two monthly payment options.

The new Aereo plans start at $8 per month, which is the same as the minimum monthly payment under the previous plans. For $8 a month users get to watch as much streaming TV on their iPad, Roku or desktop as they want. The base plan also offers 20 hours of DVR storage, which is likely enough for many users.

Aereo also offers a $12 per month subscription, which raises the cloud DVR limit to 60 hours. The plan should give users enough storage to keep entire seasons of TV shows before they have to delete content to make more room.


Previously Aereo let users pay a reduced price for a yearly service that offered even more DVR storage space. Users who signed up for that plan will still get their service until the end of that year. Once the year is up, they will have to switch to one of the new monthly payment plans.

To go along with the new plans Aereo will offer a month of free service to new users who want to try to service. Previously the company let new users try the service free for just an hour or pay $1 to try it out for a single day.

Aereo is currently only available in the New York City area, but will expand into Boston this month. The company plans to expand into more cities this year.

While Aereo tries to expand its reach, networks like ABC are offering their own methods to stream content to mobile devices. A new app from ABC will soon let users stream live TV to their iPad, or iPhone, like Aereo, but it has restrictions. Aereo is a way for cord-cutters to get network TV without buying their own antenna, while ABC’s new app will require a cable subscription.

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