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Agilix posts an important note for Beta testers



I just received this notice from Agilix regarding potential data corruption issues for folks who had done beta testing for GoBinder 2006. If you used a beta version of GoBinder 2006, please read the following:

There were numerous defects fixed during the beta period, some of these bugs probably wrote bad or incorrect data into your database. We highly recommend that anyone who is using a database that was created or edited with a beta version of the software create a new database and import the data from the beta one. If you don’t do this it is quite likely that you will get corrupt data and suffer data loss.

To do this you can follow these steps:

1. Run GoBinder.

2. From the File menu select New | GoBinder database…

3. Type in the name of the new database.

4. Once the database is open, from the File menu select Import…

5. Select ““Import from a GoBinder database” from the list and click the Next button.

6. Click the ““Choose Database” button and browse to the database you wish to import.

7. Click the ““Finish” button.

Thanks again for participating in the GoBinder 2006 beta!

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