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Aiptek My Note Digital Notepad



AiptekmynoteNot a fully functioning Tablet PC, but this is a really cool ‘ink’ device.  Take a look at the Aiptek My Note Digital Notepad.  Write up to 135 pages of notes (you can expand this via SD card) on this ‘clipboard’.  Most interesting to me is that you can take notes for up to 20 hours on 5 AAA batteries!  Sync up this Notepad when you get done to your Tablet PC and you have a really interesting companion device to take to those long meetings, days at school…  wherever you can think.

“The digital notepad for portable use without any PC. Uses standard Q4 notepads and the supplied standard stylus. In addition, all written information is also stored as digital pages. Post-editing can be done by direct page selection (LCD display) at any time. Easy post-editing via supplied Windows® software. Memory upgradeable via SD cards. Battery status display on stylus and tablet. Max. notepad thickness 13.5 mm (135 sheet). Works up to 20h with one battery set. Ideal for portable use for capturing data. Writing with stylus onto paper notepad plus digital storage. Post-datum changes are possible. 32MB of memory” Aiptek web site

Product Page: MyNote

Via Engadget

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