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Air Display Turns Your New iPad into a Retina Display Monitor



Air Display, a $10 app that turns your iPad into a second monitor on Mac or PC, can now take advantage of the Retina Display on the new iPad.

The update allows users to use the new iPad as a 2048 x 1536 resolution display or as a HiDPI 1024 x 768 display with super sharp graphics. OS X supports HiDPI, a feature that renders graphics at “double resolution.”

[Air Display – $9.99]

The update makes my favorite second monitor app even better, and the HiDPI mode looks great when the app is used with HiDPI ready apps like Apple’s Messages Beta.

I use Air Display to turn my iPad into a second monitor when I am working on my MacBook Air. The extra screen space comes in handy when I need to keep a chat or communication window open while I am working in several other windows.

You may experience some lag if you  attempt to play video over Air Display, but when it comes to a browser Window, Twitter client or instant messaging app, it works great.

The display works in portrait or landscape, but I suggest locking your orientation after you get it set up, otherwise your screens will flicker when the iPad jumps between portrait and landscape.

I use Air Display most often while I am on the go, but if I am at home I can add a second display to my workflow while I’m on the couch, or I can add a third monitor to my desktop setup as you can see above.

Your Mac or PC will see the monitor just like one that you plugin, but you need no wires, and it supports touch. This means you can load up a chat client on your desktop, web page or other program and carry it with you wirelessly as long as you are on the same network. With a tap, you can pull up the iPad keyboard to enter text.

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