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AirTurn Bluetooth page-turning foot pedal coming to iPad



Seems our old friend Hugh Sung, professional pianist and tablet enthusiast, isn’t sitting down when it comes to the next wave of tablets, specifically the iPad. Or rather, he’s committed to sitting down with them with new Bluetooth version of his AirTurn foot pedal page-turner.

Co-founded by Hugh, AirTurn makes a wireless adapter that connects to a compatible foot pedal to send page turn commands to a PC. It’s intended to turn digital pages of sheet music, but works with any program that uses page up and page down keyboard commands. Been a year and a half since we saw the first version designed for PCs, specifically Tablet PCs. A new version with Bluetooth interactivity is in the works, and Hugh is showing off the prototype on YouTube.

No mention of a special app to make this work, and it also works with other BT-equipped computers, so presumably the BT version functions like the current versions and sends keyboard commands (which means you can do the same with a standard BT keyboard and really, really nimble toes). Availability is listed as Q4 2010. No pricing yet, but the standard wireless version with transmitter and receiver lists at $39.95 (without pedals). I would expect the BT version to be comparable.

Via Engadget

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