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All About AuthenTec and Fingerprint Technology



AuthenTec Fingerprint Reade Tablet PC I remember when Tablet PCs first rolled out five years ago, we were all using pc card based fingerprint readers. Nowadays, integrated fingerprint readers have become standard features in Tablet PCs, and are quickly making their way into other mobile devices like phones, peripherals, etc. In addition, they are being used for more than just security. Many of the newer Tablet PCs out nowadays feature fingerprint readers that double as a trackpad, a scrolling utility, and more. has a good write-up on one of the major companies behind the technology we enjoy – AuthenTec. It is a good read for those wanting to learn more about the technology and one of the major companies behind this technology.

Look at your finger. Yea, that’s right, take a look at all those grooves and patterns on it.

No one on earth has that same pattern. What’s more, beneath the outside layer of skin, to where the ““live” layer is, lies a unique pattern that identifies you regardless of whether you actually have any visible fingerprints or not!

This is probably one area of technology that you rarely, if ever, think about, but fingerprint security technology is getting better and better with more uses being found for this growing industry in everything from PC’s and home security systems, to cell phones and checkout stands.

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