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All-In-One Lightning, 30-pin Dock Connector & Micro USB Charging Cable



With one cable and an adapter users can charge the iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad with 30 pin dock connector and a host of Micro USB devices like Bluetooth headsets and Android phones.

The Innergie Magic Cable Duo and the new Micro USB to Lightning adapter makes it possible to charge almost any modern gadget without carrying around a bag of cables.

This setup isn’t cheap, at $40 for all the parts needed, but it is a handy way to carry an all in one charging solution everywhere.

Charge iPhone 5 ipad 30 pin

Charge any Apple device, most Android phones and various accessories.

The Innergie Magic Cable Duo proved invaluable over the last year, charging the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, Bluetooth headsets and more while on the go.

Now that the Lightning port is added in to the mix, and many users are not upgrading from the iPad 3rd generation to the iPad fourth generation, there’s a need for a new adapter to complete the mobile charging toolkit.

Pick up the Innergie Magic Cable Duo from Amazon for $20 and the Lightning to Micro USB adapter from Apple for $20. Pair these two cables together to carry one cable that can charge any Apple device, Android device or accessory.

With the Lightning to Micro USB adapter this cable can’t close up like it is designed to while in a bag or charging a 30 pin dock connector device, but it gets the job done. For $10 more the Lightning to 30 pin adapter offers a solution that closes up better, but still adds a part users need to remove to charge the iPad 3rd generation or an iPhone 4S, and the bulkier adapter doesn’t fit on an iPhone 5 with a case, while the Lightning to Micro USB adapter should fit in most.

This is also a great accessory to keep on hand for families with an array of Apple and Android devices, a single cable to charge any mobile device in the car.

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