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All New HTC One Leaks Leave Little to the Imagination



The All New HTC One smartphone, set to be announced on March 25th, has leaked again from multiple sources this afternoon leaving little room for consumers to be surprised once HTC confirms the new device.

Following a massive 12 minute video leak this weekend which revealed almost the entire device. From hardware, software, and more, today we’re getting another big leak with pictures, benchmarks, and even a confirmation of the name. At this point there’s little left to the imagination, and we know nearly everything about this phone well ahead of the announcement. HTC has more than a few leaks on its faucet, as this has been one of the worst kept secrets as of late.


We’ll start with the popular @evleaks, who’s been all over this device for months. Everything from the codename (HTC M8) to specs, official press photos and more. His latest tweet once again confirms we’ll have dual cameras on the rear, with this photo getting up close and personal with the 4 Ultrapixel lens, and accompanying second sensor.

The unofficial name and internal codename has been the HTC M8 for months, with some speculating it will be the HTC One 2, HTC Two, or something else on release. Lately the latest leaks suggest the “All New HTC One” and this week HTC UK confirmed exactly that. It’s safe to say there isn’t much else to learn come March 25th, unless HTC has some tricks up their sleeve.

The top corner of the photo calls is the “All New HTC One” right on adverts around the streets in the UK. Then last but certainly not least is another major leak from NoWhereElse of multiple photos, screenshots, and even benchmark and performance results. Oddly the first photo below shows the top of the phone with an odd break from the aluminum shell. This is where we’ll have the power button, and likely an Infrared blaster for remote features like the original One.


While the specs have been confirmed time and time again, nothing is official until HTC confirms it themselves. That said, we also have a benchmark result this afternoon showing a mild bump over the Galaxy Note 3 and other Snapdragon 800 devices. Meaning we’ll likely have a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 801 quad-core with 2GB of RAM here, and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will be the only device (for now) with a faster 2.5 GHz Snapdragon processor in the US.


The benchmark does show it beating out all of the competition. From the Galaxy S4 and Note 3, LG G2, to even the HTC One from last year. It looks like a solid increase in performance, but could put the All New HTC One at a small disadvantage over the Galaxy S5 and upcoming LG G3 competition.

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Some of the biggest new feature is the larger 5-inch HD display, on-screen buttons rather than actual keys like previous models, micro-SD card support for user-expandable storage, and of course Android 4.4 KitKat.

The only secret left is what all HTC has planned for the dual cameras on the back. Or the actual release date, but we’ll find out all the details and more come March 25th in London and New York City for the official unveiling.

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