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All Signs Are Supposedly Go for iCloud. But Hold That Thought A Second



Apple’s iCloud support page is listing that all is OK with iCloud at the moment. I’d beg to differ. I’ve still not been able to migrate over from MobileMe. I’m sure there are any number of reasons (cough, cough) that this could be, given the crush from yesterday. Apparently iOS updates are moving a little smoother, which I guess is giving the engineers a chance to breath before all those new iPhone 4S devices try to activate tomorrow.

Anyone else still having issues with iCloud?



  1. Anonymous

    10/13/2011 at 10:51 pm

    My transfer went perfectly! So yeah.. don’t know why I’m answering this!

  2. Sascha Jazbec

    10/16/2011 at 4:49 am

    iCloud works, and it does fine. BUT the “documents in the cloud” thing is just false advertising : While my iOS5 iPod with keynote/numbers/pages v.1.5 does sync to iCloud in a seamless and “magic” way and uploads all of my created files to , the “magic moment” does stop there. My iWork v9.1 on Lion does not have access to these files, except by using a Browser (!) , navigate to, download the files to my OSX ‘ Download Folder, edit the files in iWork ( or for the matter even Office for Mac would do it ) , save it and re-upload it to that portal… In other words : The document syncing is only of value across more then one iOS5 device, but your Desktop is out of the process.  This is a major drawback for iCloud and a total lack of reality in Office usage. Does Apple really think people only create office files solely on iDevices ??  Those Users that bought the iWork09 companion apps for OSX with the purpose in mind to have sync-enabled apps  must feel ripped off and betrayed. Maybe Microsoft will jump in and add such capabilities to Office 2011 ? ( they still need to bring fullscreen,autosave and versions to it, anyway – so another reason to update their suite soon ). 

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