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All the Tech You Can Buy with Super Bowl Ticket Money



Unsurprisingly, tickets to the Super Bowl are ridiculously expensive, and most people won’t even be able to afford them. StubHub has Super Bowl tickets starting at $2,500, and that’s for the worst seats in the house: the upper deck end zone, where you’ll experience the bitter cold weather more so than the game itself.

We thought it’d be fun to see what gadgets you could buy instead of spending that money on Super Bowl tickets. However, we first need to find out how much it would cost to attend the Super Bowl, because a ticket into the stadium is just a fraction of the total price you’ll pay for the overall experience.

Super Bowl XLVIII

The Super Bowl Experience

Let’s start with the ticket price itself, which we already mentioned. With just that, we’re already $2,500 in the hole (even more if you want a better seat). However, we need to get to the Super Bowl first before we can actually use the ticket. Airfare from San Francisco (Gotta Be Mobile headquarters) to Newark Liberty International Airport was $517 when we last looked, although airfare is always changing, so we’ll call it an even $500 for the roundtrip flight.

As for the hotel, you probably want to stay at a place that’s close to the stadium so that your drunk self doesn’t have to go too far when it’s bed time. You also probably want to stay at a hotel that’s fairly nice and clean — a 3-star hotel at the very least. We figure the Courtyard by the stadium is perfect for $419 per night, and since you’ll probably want to get there on Friday evening and leave Monday morning, three nights would cost $1,257, but we’ll round it to an easy $1,250 for your hotel during Super Bowl weekend.

Editor’s Note: We used to look up flight and hotel prices.


Image Credit: Marine Corps

Transportation is taken care of through StubHub, so we luckily don’t have to deal with taxis, the subway or even trying to rent a car.

As for food, the price will end up being a ballpark figure, but we’d reckon it’ll be crazy expensive at the stadium and you’ll most likely want to consume a lot of beer as well. According to prices of food at last year’s Super Bowl, you’ll be paying quite a bit of cash for food and drinks.

How ’bout we get a hot dog, some nachos, popcorn and some peanuts, as well as a few 20 oz. draft beers for the night. All that alone will cost you $80, but we might as well round that up to $100 because we all know you’re going to drink more beer than you originally forecast. That’s just during the game; you’ll be staying in the area for three nights, and you’re bound to spend a night on the town in NYC, where you’ll want to splurge at restaurants and such (it’s the Super Bowl, after all!).

Image Credit: Michael Ocampo

Image Credit: Michael Ocampo

For the entire trip, we’ll put your food per diem at $500. That might be more than you’d spend, especially if you’re just getting cheap fast food, but it also gives you room to splurge and visit some nice restaurants in NYC. Plus, you’ll probably want refreshments during pre-game events throughout the weekend, so plan on buying a few $8 sodas during that time.

This gets us a grand total of $4,750 for a trip to the Super Bowl. Now, let’s take a look at all of the cool tech products that you could buy instead of a trip to the Super Bowl.

What You Could Buy Instead

  • 7 iPhone 5ss
  • 13 Nexus 5s
  • 9 iPad Airs
  • 20 Nexus 7s
  • 9 Xbox Ones
  • 11 PS4s
  • 3 13-inch Retina MacBook Pros
  • A Customized Mac Pro
  • Samsung 65-inch 4K TV

Quite honestly, you’d probably have a better Super Bowl experience with the 4K TV, since you’d be indoors surrounded by your closest friends eating affordable food and snacks, as well as beer that doesn’t cost $12.

Super Bowl XLVIII takes place on February 2, when the AFC champion Denver Broncos will play against the NFC champs, the Seattle Seahawks.

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1 Comment

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