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Alleged iPhone 5S Box Photos Leak



New photos of iPhone 5S’ packing have surfaced online, hinting at the possibility of a small fingerprint reader built into the device’s home button.

Pictures of the packaging first surfaced on the Chinese weblog C Technology. In one of the pictures of the iPhone 5S’ supposed front, the home button of the iPhone 5S looks completely different from the home button that every other iPhone shipped with.

While the pictures don’t reveal much detail about the button itself, they do allude to the significant change in the home button design that industry watchers have said are coming as part of a built-in fingerprint reader for the iPhone 5S.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear how trustworthy the photos really are. For starters the iPhone 5, this iPhone’s direct predecessor shipped in a Black box, while the box in this photo is white. Apple also uses gradient backgrounds in their iPhone packaging, something that the box depicted in the photos does not. It wouldn’t be the first fake iPhone 5S box.

Allegedly, these are photos of the packing for the iPhone 5S sent to C Technology.

Allegedly, these are photos of the packing for the iPhone 5S sent to C Technology.

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Since it’s always possible that Apple is simply altering it’s packaging to coincide with the new visual design of the iOS 7 operating system that will almost certainly come installed on the iPhone 5S. However, the rough pixilation and color of the Compass icon on the box could indicate that the pictures are nothing more than a forgery designed to harness the hype in the run up to Apple’s announcement next week.

This phenomenon isn’t all that different from the accessories that case makers detail for new devices that are supposedly confirmed in the days and hours before Apple announces a new handset.

Previous iPhone boxes.

Previous iPhone boxes.

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All of this isn’t to say that users certainly won’t be getting a fingerprint reader as part of the iPhone 5S, other sources including pictures of the rumored home button itself have been circulating since earlier this week. Code hidden inside of beta versions of the iOS 7 are included references to some sort of fingerprint reader.

Apple’s September event starts Tuesday, September 10th at 10.AM. Pacific Standard Time. In addition to announcing the iPhone 5S, Apple could debut a lower-cost alternative, the iPhone 5C, at the event as well.

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