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Almost Half of iPhone Users on Ask Say They’ll Get the iPhone 5S



Apple looks set to announce its next iPhone(s) on September 10, with the iPhone 5S being the company’s new flagship device and the iPhone 5C being the budget-friendly younger brother. iPhone sales do great pretty much every year, and it’s very likely that this year won’t be any different. In fact, reports that almost half of its iPhone users are planning to buy the iPhone 5S on release day. has seen a spike in iPhone searches leading up to Apple’s event next week. Curious searchers sought out for answers to questions like “when will the new iPhone be released?,” “will there be a cheaper version of the iPhone 5S?,” and “what are the features of the iPhone 5S?”

Furthermore, polled around 4,000 of its iPhone users and asked them if they are planning on getting the new iPhone when it’s released, and 46% of them said that they are indeed planning on it. When asked what version that they would get (the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C), a surprising 60% said that they plan on getting the iPhone 5C.

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As for what new features users want most out of the new iPhone, a majority said that better battery life was at the top of their wish lists, with a fingerprint scanner in a close second, followed by color options and a better Siri. Indeed, the iPhone 5S is said to come with a fingerprint scanner embedded into the home button, and better battery life is always a focus on every new iPhone that comes out each year.

As for color options, the iPhone 5S is said to come in basic black and white, as well as a gold version and possibly a darker gunmetal grey color. The iPhone 5C is said to get a much broader color palette, with a literal rainbow of color choices that consumers will get to choose from. As for what exact colors that we’ll see, it’s still up in the air, but most people should be able to choose their favorite.

September 10 is just a few days away, so it’ll only be a matter of time before we finally see what Apple has been cooking up since its last event. It’s all but confirmed that we’ll see the new iPhone 5S and 5C, and possibly some new MacBook Pros running Intel Haswell processor. It’s also rumored that a refreshed Apple TV could be in the works, as well as a new AirPort Express sporting the new 802.11ac standard.

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