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Almost lost my eo already!



I had to pickup my neighbor’s daughter from school today, and I made a mistake.  I took my new eo i7210 with me. It may end up as a sort of greek tragedy. This is a pretty quick summary, but here’s how it went:

I picked Bailey up at school, and she immediately saw the eo in the console between the front seats.


Bailey:  Ewwwwwwww, can I play with it?

Dennis:  Sure Bailey, see if you like this new Ultra-Mobile PC I just got!

Bailey: Okay — let me at it! Wow man — this thing ROCKS!  IT ROCKS THE HOUSE (whatever that means)

Bailey played a bit, tried a couple games, asked 2 or 3 questions, then quietly just played away without saying hardly a word at all.  Now that may seem normal to you, but this is Bailey “Queen ChatterBox” who hardly EVER allows her lips to stay touching as they rapidly send forth a constant dialog on any and everything in sight.  This thing had a major calming effect, leading me to believe that eo has a future as a babysitter!

Dennis:  Okay Bailey, you need to give it back to Mr. Dennis now.  Bailey?  BAILEY?  Did you hear me?  Don’t give me that look girl!



Bailey: Can I keep it — PLEASE, PLEASE?


Dennis: No way Bailey.

Bailey:  Why not?

Dennis: Cause I’m bigger than you.

(Dennis pauses as he looks at that darling (little devil of) a face).

Dennis: Okay — you can keep playing with it, but just remember that this is a serious business toy, er.., I mean device and be careful with it.

Bailey: (in her head only) Man these adults are a sucker for a pouty little face :-)

Man…., I hope I can get it back now……

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