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Alteva VOIP Phone Will Read You Your Email — and Much More



We tend to focus on smartphones that fit in your pocket, but did you know there are a number of smartphones that sit on your desk and connect to Outlook and other Microsoft products in order to deliver access to your work information — as well as help you manage communications with coworkers.

Alteva has sent us a new Polycom phone that connects to their implementation of Microsoft Communication Services in order to deliver a unified communication solution that ties into the Outlook, Exchange and other Microsoft services to help you connect to coworkers and clients.

Alteva VOIP Phone

We are just getting the system setup, but wanted to share a few of the features which business users may enjoy. These hosted solutions are designed to work with businesses of all size, but we expect that a few of our small and medium size business owners will be interested in this type of hosted communication solution.

As we mentioned, the solution allows you to check your email over your office phone, but that’s just the start. If all of your employees are connected to this solution you can start with a phone call to a coworker, share your desktop and jump right into a video call thanks to the Office Communicator tool which is aware of what you are doing and what your coworkers are doing. Some of the other cool applications include the ability to set call forwarding and do not disturb like you would on Google Voice.

If you answer a call on your smartphone, the system knows this and will update your status across your team. If you end up back in your office you can touch a button to bring your call to your desk phone without trying to remember a button combo to transfer the call. If you like to have your email and calendar read to you, you’ll appreciate the ability to access your Outlook information on your phone.

Voicemail within Outlook may not seem like a big deal to users who are able to route all fo their phone calls to Google Voice, but often times this isn’t possible in the corporate environment. This is just one of the problems that the Microsoft Communication Service is solving, but definitely a needed one in the corporate world.

Alteva Unified Communications Demo

Stay tuned for a closer look at how a smartphone on your desk can complement the smartphone in your pocket with the help of a cloud based communication solution.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Marshall Kincaid

    07/04/2011 at 4:10 pm

    I am using Axvoice and they provide their voip ata for their phone service, i was wondering, if i could use alteva with it or not. 

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