Always-On Commands Come to Windows with Nuance Dragon Assistant

Motorola’s Moto X and Microsoft Xbox One wont be the only electronics to features always-on command features. Processor maker Intel and Nuance have teamed up to bring users many of the effortless voice features of those devices, in one simple package: a Windows PC.

Starting today, those in the market for a new Windows-based laptop, desktop or all-in-one computer can pick up a new device that comes equipped with the Nuance Dragon Assistant software. According to a press release sent to GottaBeMobile, the lineup includes everything from an Asus Aspire laptop priced at $649 to a more high-end Lenovo IndeCentre all-in-one desktop computer for $1399.

Nuance has partnered with most of the larger Windows device vendors to bring the Dragon Assistant to users including Lenovo, Asus, Acer and Toshiba. All of the devices that feature the assistant are exclusive to the Best Buy, and are a part of their “Premium Collection” of devices.

Nuance Dragon Assistant in action.

Nuance Dragon Assistant in action.

By simply uttering the words “Hello Dragon”, uses are able to complete many of the tasks that they perform most often, like post status updates to their social network of choice, create plays-lists. Users are also be able to compose full emails, without ever having to touch a physical keyboard. Unlike other voice enabled software like Google’s Google Now or Microsoft’s Bing Voice, Nuance Dragon Assistant will still work, even when users don’t have access to the internet.

While Nuance Dragon Assistant, was built with the latest generation of Intel’s computer chipsets in mind, neither today’s press release nor the product’s official website indicate when users who don’t purchase a PC from Best Buy will be able to purchase and use the software.

Nuance Dragon Assistant joins and increasingly crowded array of software and devices that are designed to integrate with people’s lives by allowing them to eschew physical controls. For example, the Moto X flagship smartphone from Motorola has a built-in processor that allows it to constantly process what it hears.  Because of this, users can trigger many of the device’s features without ever having to touch it.

Although Intel does make the processors that Apple users in it’s line-up of personal computers, Nuance didn’t share any plans about bringing the Dragon Assistant software to those users. Dragon already offers a large already of dictation products on Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android.