Amazing Star Wars Battlefront Mode Revealed
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Amazing Star Wars Battlefront Mode Revealed



Ahead of the Star Wars Battlefront release date on November 17th, video game developer Dice and video game publisher Electronic Arts have a surprise new mode to show off. Called Blast, the newly revealed experience for Star Wars Battlefront will act as another amazing reason for gamers to pick up the title when it arrives on store shelves.

Electronic Arts revealed Blast for Star Wars Battlefront this week in a post on the game’s dedicated news blog. As described in that blog post, Blast is the game’s dedicated “Team Deathmatch mode.”

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In total, Blast for Star Wars Battlefront breaks twenty players into teams of 10. Each of the two teams takes on the role of either the Rebel Alliance or the Imperial Army. For ten minutes users get to blast each other to death. At the end of that ten minutes the game ends and whichever team has the most kills wins. Blast matches can last less than ten minutes if a single team hits 100 kills before the time expires.

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Announced shortly before the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year, Star Wars Battlefront acts as the ultimate shooter sandbox. Players use the Star Wars franchise’s iconic weapons, gear and vehicles to battle each other for supremacy. Users don’t get to do battle in outer space, but dozens of maps from the movie series are included. For example, Hoth and Endor are playable areas in the game.

To be good at Blast players will need to load their character up with the right gear for the particular battle they’re going to face. There seems to be a need to balance some hardcore strategy with all-inclusive good fun. Getting that balance right is very important. Plenty of PS4 and Xbox One owners are going to rush out and pick up Star Wars Battlefront because of its subject. To keep users interested there need to be some more nuanced, detailed oriented mechanics so there’s a reason to come back long after the awe of playing in the Star Wars universe has worn off.

Blast won’t feature any of the series’ recognizable heroes or villains. It also won’t include playable vehicles of any kind.

To keep things interesting, Blast will take players to different locations they may not have had access to in other games. Some Blast battles will take place inside bases others will drop both teams in iconic locations like Tatooine. Star Wars Battlefront attracted a lot of attention for its huge maps. Using the power of current-generation consoles, Dice was able to build huge landscapes that feel ripped right out of the movies and television shows. For large battles these maps do great, but for Blast the video game developer decided it’d be a better idea to keep battles to more confined spaces. “To keep the action dense in this close-quarters mode, the Blast maps are not as vast as in other game modes,” Dice’s Dennis Brannball says.” When the same maps are used, there are lighting differences.

Star Wars Battlefront is expected to be one of this year’s must-have video games, and unfortunately users will need a next-generation console or a robust computer to play it on. Windows PC users will be able to play the game through EA’s own Origin video game service. Star Wars Battlefront is coming to the Xbox One and PS4 too. Its just Xbox 360 and PS3 users getting left out of the festivities.

Star Wars Battlefront is available for pre-order from GameStop now for $60. As a bonus Electronic Arts is gifting those that pre-order early access to its Battle of Jakku downloadable content. A $69.99 version of the game includes other extras.

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