Amazon Black Friday 2013 Details and Tips
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Amazon Black Friday 2013 Details and Tips



The Amazon Black Friday 2013 deals are already online with a collection of incredible deals that are made even better by the ease of online shopping or shopping from the Amazon app on iPhone, iPad or Android.

Unlike the Walmart Black Friday 2013 deals which require users to stop into a local store and wait in line or to get ready for a full online sales blitz, the Amazon Black Friday sales will arrive over this full week as a series of limited time and quantity deals that will arrive over the course of the week.

The Amazon Black Friday 2013 deals are already live for some items, and more deals will go live later this week. Amazon doesn’t outline all of Black Friday deals that will arrive later this week across every category, but the company does offer an out line of some deals and advice for finding the new Black Friday deals as they come.

The Amazon Black Friday 2013 deals start now, here's how to track them and get the best deals.

The Amazon Black Friday 2013 deals start now, here’s how to track them and get the best deals.

Amazon Black Friday 2013 Lightning Deals

Many of the Black Friday 2013 deals on Amazon will arrive in the form of Lightning deals which are available for a small period of time. During this window, shoppers can add the item to their car to think about licking by for 15 minutes, after that time period it is made available to other shoppers.

If you see an Amazon Black Friday Lightning deal you think you want, add it to your cart as fast as possible because the best deals expire in seconds. After it is in your cart you can compare the deal and look up reviews for a short period. If you miss a Lightning Black Friday deal by a few units you can join a waitlist which will allow you to snag one that someone decides not to buy.

The Amazon Black Friday 2013 Lightning deals will come throughout the day and some will come with a lot of notice while others are surprise deals. For those with notice the deal may take a few seconds to actually show up.

Amazon Black Friday 2013 Alerts

There are several ways to follow the latest Amazon Black Friday deals, including Facebook, Twitter, Amazon’s Black Friday hub and the mobile app.

For Gotta Be Mobile team members the Amazon Mobile app is the easiest way to do Black Friday shopping. If you open the app to the Black Friday offerings you can see the items and quickly checkout. The app keeps you signed in and makes the entire process easier.

Follow AmazonDeals on Twitter and Facebook for alerts whenever the hottest deals are about to arrive. Theses accounts won’t post all the Amazon Black Friday deals, but it is an easy way to see the hottest deals as soon as they arrive, including any surprise deals.

If you want, you can turn on mobile alerts for the Twitter account and get a push alert when a new Tweet arrives, but that may be too many alerts for the average user. Follow the directions in this guide to turn on text alerts for every deal AmazonDeals Tweets.

Amazon Black Friday 2013 Gaming Deals

If you want to see what Amazon Black Friday 2013 gaming and movie deals Amazon already shared the list of gaming deals and DVD and Blu-Ray deals.

Amazon shows the 2013 Black Friday gaming deal schedule.

Amazon shows the 2013 Black Friday gaming deal schedule.

Amazon offers a list of many gaming deals that will arrive through the week, including approximate starting times. While these deals don’t show the exact price it is a great way to look up the current price and read reviews of accessories and games.

As Thanksgiving and Black Friday arrive we should see additional lists like this show when and what will go on sale on Amazon.

Check out our additional Black Friday 2013 coverage to see where the best deals are.



  1. com4rt

    11/27/2013 at 7:44 am

    Are all these lightning deals the actual Black Friday deals or will stuff be significantly cheaper on Black Friday and Cyber Monday or will there be better deals on Friday and Monday

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