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Amazon Fire TV Cyber Monday Deal Offers $30 Off



To celebrate Cyber Monday, Amazon has discounted its relatively-new Fire TV streaming box by $30, meaning you can grab it for only $69.

Normally, the Fire TV from Amazon is priced at $99, but this limited-time deal undercuts pretty much every other streaming box on the market right now, and can be bought for just under $70 for a full-fledged content streamer, which is a really good price.

The Fire TV aims to compete with the Apple TV, Roku, and the Nexus Player, but the biggest difference with the Fire TV is that it’s headlined by Amazon’s Prime Instant Video streaming service, and it’s baked into the main functionality of the device, but users can also access other streaming sources like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and more.

If you’re looking to buy a streaming device for yourself or as a Christmas gift for that special someone, you may want to take advantage of this deal before the day is up.

Fire TV deal

Of course, the Fire TV Stick is cheaper at a regular $39, but the Fire TV has a bit more firepower. The Fire TV has a quad-core processor, while the Fire TV Stick has only a dual-core processor, which means that the Fire TV is much more capable at many things, including playing games. The Fire TV is capable of playing a handful of Android games, such as Minecraft, Asphalt 8, Grand Theft Auto III, and more.

The Fire TV Stick can still play Android games, but the capability is much less overall, with a smaller selection of games that you can play on the Fire TV Stick. However, you can still use the optional game controller that Amazon sells for $39. This is where the biggest difference in the performance between the two devices really shows.

Another big difference is voice search capabilities. The Fire TV come with voice search right out of the box, while the Fire TV Stick can support it, but you’ll have to bone up to the $29 for the voice search controller. However, the Fire TV Remote app for Android allows you to do voice search without spending $29 for the remote, and an iOS version is coming soon.

Fire TV

One of the main obvious differences between the Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick is the size of the two devices. The Fire TV comes in a normal size that’s comparable to the Apple TV and Roku. It’s a simple box that’s a few inches across.

The Fire TV Stick, on the other hand, is a small HDMI dongle that plugs into the back of your television and remains out of sight — a perfect solution for those who already have a crowded home entertainment setup in their living room. Plus, the Fire TV Stick is great for portability, and you can simply throw it in your bag and take it with you to another TV.

At this point, though, if you think you’ll take advantage of the performance capabilities of the Fire TV, it’s worth the $69 price tag, which is only $30 more than the Fire TV Stick, and if you were to get the Fire TV Stick with the Voice Search remote, those alone would cost you $70 anyway, so might as well go for the full streaming box in the Fire TV.

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1 Comment

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