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Amazon Fire TV & Fire HDX Bundle Perfect for Father’s Day



There are just two days left until Father’s Day and Amazon is tempting potential buyers of its Kindle Fire line of Android devices with a bundle that may be too good to pass up. As of right now, Amazon shoppers can purchase a Kindle Fire TV and a Kindle Fire HDX bundle  for just $249.99. That’s significantly lower than what those two devices would cost Father’s Day buyers separately.

News of the deal surfaced today after Amazon began heavily promoting it on its website. To be clear, Amazon isn’t offering this deal to buyers in retail stores. Buying each device on its own would cost users $328. The Kindle Fire HDX with 7-inch display included in the bundle will have 16GB of space for users to store their favorite apps and games. It’ll also include the Special Offers promotions that Amazon puts on Kindle devices in exchange for a cheaper purchase price.

All told, the deal is pretty interesting, especially for buyers whose loved ones already have an Amazon Prime account or an older Kindle Fire tablet that’ll soon need to be replaced.

Kindle fire HDX & Fire TV Bundle

Right now Amazon is still letting shoppers order the bundle, and those who do order are getting free shipping as is the case with all Amazon purchases over $35 in value excluding tax.

If the Kindle Fire TV doesn’t sound familiar it’s because it’s only been on store shelves for a few months. Essentially, the Kindle Fire TV is Amazon’s answer to the Apple TV. It allows users to stream content directly from its music and video services for just the cost of an Amazon Prime membership. Those without a $99 Amazon Prime member can still use the Kindle Fire TV to bring other services to their living room. For example, Netflix is available through the Kindle Fire TV. Users can actually search the Kindle Fire TV’s library of content by speaking into a wireless remote that’s equipped with a microphone.

When paired with the 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX users can learn more about the movies and television shows that they’re watching on the Kindle Fire TV. Additionally, Kindle Fire HDX users can mirror things they are looking at on their tablet to the Kindle Fire TV so that everyone can see them.

Like the Xbox One, the Kindle Fire TV will also let users control video or music playback through the Kindle Fire HDX tablet.

Unfortunately, there are a few caveats related to this deal. First, since the Kindle Fire HDX included in this bundle is of the Special Offers variety there’s always those ads to think about. Buyers will want to pay Amazon a bit extra to get rid of those special offers if they aren’t comfortable with them. Additionally, 16GB of space isn’t a lot for those planning to load their favorite music, television shows and eBooks on the Kindle Fire HDX. Potential buyers should also note that while the Kindle Fire TV does allow users to install apps from Amazon’s Android App Store, there aren’t a lot of apps that are available at the moment.

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Finally, those who want to play games with a controller will need to purchase the Kindle Fire TV’s wireless controller separately from this bundle. Called the Kindle Fire Game Controller, it features two joysticks and a button layout that almost completely matches Microsoft’s Xbox One controller. There are also rewind, fast forward and play buttons built into the rim of the controller for media playback. So far the Kindle Fire TV boasts versions of Sonic, Minecraft, Asphalt 8, NBA 2K14 and more. There’s also a version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for those who really want to get a hard-core gaming experience. That controller will cost users an extra $39.99 with free shipping, decreasing the relative value of this deal.

Depending on your specific area it may be too late to order either the bundle or the controller before Father’s Day on Sunday, but at least some fathers will have two new gadgets to look forward to early next week.

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