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Amazon Joins the Tablet Ad Wars Against the iPad



Apple must be feeling pretty good about its new iPad Air. The reason? Everyone is taking pot shots at it in advertising this year. Microsoft has been running comparison ads featuring its Surface 2 Tablet up against the iPad Air and the Samsung Tablets for quite some time. Now Amazon has joined the Tablet ad wars with a new spot that features a sort of quasi-comedic riff on Jonny Ive’s voice comparing the iPad Air to the Kindle Fire HDX. This one focuses on three distinctions, the lighter weight of the Kindle Fire HDX, more pixels in the high res display, and the lower price.

From a consumer stand point I happen to think this is a good thing. In some of the Microsoft ads, the truth might be stretched a bit. But consumers are a least getting some level of comparison this holiday season. And the sometimes comedic value is at least entertaining. Microsoft has been taking some heat for its Scroogled ad campaign against Google but its Tablet ads take a higher road. But Amazon seems to like to dish as well as compare.

All of these ad comparisons follow a tack that Apple started with its I’m a Mac, I’m a PC ad campaign years ago that had just as much fun with the facts and style. Then Apple was perceived as the underdog trying to tackle the number 1 seed in market share. Now, Apple is in that catbird seat with the competition taking aim at its position.

Here’s a list of some of the recent Tablet comparison ads from Microsoft.

Surface 2 vs iPad Air Family Account Sharing

Surface 2 vs iPad Air Hands-Free Mode for Cooking

Surface 2 vs iPad Air Ports

Surface 2 vs Galaxy Tab Ports

Surface 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Family Account Sharing

Surface 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Using Powerpoint

What do you think? Are these ads helpful as comparisons? Are they fun? Are they annoying? Love to know your thoughts.

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