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Amazon Launches an iPad Optimized Kindle Web Site



For those who correctly think that Amazon’s Kindle Fire is just part of a bigger strategy instead of those who narrowly think it’s all about hardware in the trumped up for the headlines Kindle Fire/iPad 2 fight, this might be some confirming news.

Amazon has released an iPad optimized website for Kindle Content. No, it’s not an App. That would violate Apple’s rules of the game. So, Amazon has created a site that’s easy to touch, looks very, very nice, and allows iPad users to browse Kindle content that they might like to purchase for their iPad (or other Kindle device.) You can locate the site here:

When Apple changed the rules back last summer, Amazon didn’t want to comply so users on that device had to be content to use the regular website on their iPad (or other device) to buy Kindle content for their iPad. Now you can browse and buy from this iPad optimized site, but be aware you won’t be reading the content through the site. Although there is a button that allows you to pop out to Amazon’s Cloud Reader should you want to stay in your browser.

The site is set up to deliver recommendations (naturally) as well as top selling and top free eBooks. There’s also a “New and Noteworthy” section. And of course you can search. You can Amazon’s full site and curiously you’re taken to the regular web page if you choose publications as well. I’m guessing that might change someday.




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