Amazon Partners with US Postal Service to Offer Sunday Delivery
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Amazon Partners with US Postal Service to Offer Sunday Delivery



Do you hate it when you order something late in the week, but you can’t get it until Monday since the USPS, UPS and FedEx usually don’t deliver on the weekends? Amazon wants to remedy this feeling, and the company has announced a partnership with the US Postal Service that will see some cities getting Sunday delivery for Amazon packages.

The new service is only available in New York City and Los Angeles for now, but more large cities will get Sunday delivery in the future, including Dallas, Houston, New Orleans and Phoenix. Currently, the USPS doesn’t deliver on Sundays, and it was even on the verge of getting rid of Saturday delivery. However, this partnership will see the USPS go in a different direction by delivering only Amazon packages on Sundays in select cities.

This is merely just another move by Amazon to up its shipping game by offering better delivery options for customers. Plus, this could bring in more customers for Amazon, since the lack of weekend delivery might persuade people from shopping at physical locations on the weekends and simply just order their stuff online.


The best part is, special Sunday delivery isn’t just exclusive to Prime members; anyone who purchases something on Amazon will be qualified for Sunday delivery. However, if you want free shipping and you aren’t a Prime member, be prepared to spend at least $35, as Amazon recently upped its minimum purchase amount in order to qualify for free shipping.

Other larger companies are making an effort to improve their shipping and delivery methods. Verizon recently announced that it would offer same-day delivery in some markets, and Amazon also offers same-day delivery for some goods in select markets as well. In a country where people never have patience, same-day delivery could be revolutionary if  it spreads nation-wide.

Obviously, it won’t show up on your doorstep right after you order it, but if you can wait a couple of hours, same-day delivery can work wonders. Of course, if you time it just right, you can essentially get same-day delivery at websites that don’t offer it, depending on how close you live to the warehouse. There have been times when I would order small things off of TigerDirect in the morning, and since the company’s warehouse is just a few hours away, the package showed up on my doorstep by the evening on the same day. Hopefully that will be the norm in the near future.

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