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Amazon Prime Deal Offers Great Discount for New Members



If you’ve been looking for a good Amazon Prime deal, the company will be offering a great discount on Amazon Prime memberships starting tonight.

Amazon Prime normally costs $99 per year, which gives you free two-day shipping, access to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service, access to Amazon’s music streaming service, access to the Kindle Lending Library, unlimited photo storage with Amazon Cloud Drive, and even early access to Lightning Deals on Amazon’s website. $99 per year may sound expensive, but considering that you get so much stuff with the membership, the price is actually really good.

In any case, you can get an even better price for it starting tonight at midnight when Amazon will hold a sale on Amazon Prime memberships where you’ll be able to buy a year of Amazon Prime for just $67, which is nearly 33% off of the normal price tag.

The deal will start at 12:00am ET (or 9:00pm PT) and will end at 2:59am ET (11:59pm PT). This gives you just over 24 hours to take advantage of the deal and lock yourself in for a whole year of Amazon Prime.

Watch out as not every Prime Day deal is a guaranteed good deal.

The sale is to celebrate the five Emmy wins for Amazon’s original series “Transparent” at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Actor Jeffrey Tambor won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and creator Jill Soloway won Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series.

Amazon Prime members are able to watch “Transparent” on Prime Instant Video for free, which makes this deal even more enticing.

Essentially, the price of Amazon Prime is worth it just for the free access to the Amazon’s streaming video service. If you split up the $99 cost over 12 months, that’s just $8.25 per month, which is right there with what Netflix charges. On top of that you get so much more stuff for your membership, including the free two-day shipping, which can also pay for itself if you purchase a lot of stuff on Amazon.

Furthermore, just recently Amazon announced that it will give every Amazon Prime member free access to The Washington Post digital edition for six months, and then just $4 per month afterward, which is a great price considering that it normally costs $10 per month.


Amazon rarely discounts Amazon Prime — usually once or twice per year, if that, so if you’ve been wanting to get Amazon Prime for a while, now is your chance to pounce. The last time Amazon Prime was on sale was back in January, and it wasn’t as good of a discount as this new deal is.

Unfortunately, this deal is only for new members, so current Prime members won’t be able to extend their current membership, but it’s possible that the email trick could work.

The email trick is where you buy a Prime membership as a gift for someone else, but you’re really buying it for yourself. Simply just use your email address when you go to enter in the gift recipient’s email address. You’ll also want to make sure to send the Prime gift on the date that your current Prime membership expires, that way you can get the email and sign up again for Amazon Prime.

I did this a while back when Amazon Prime was about to increase in price (it used to cost only $79 per year), and it worked like a charm.

Furthermore, if you want to spread the Amazon Prime goodness to other people, you can actually share your Amazon Prime free two-shipping with other people. Amazon limits it to just household members, but you can technically share your membership with anyone, just as long as you know their email address and birthday.

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1 Comment

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    04/10/2017 at 10:52 pm

    Sorry to be dense. I’m 90 yrs old, forgetful and pitifully needy. I’m too old to participate in anything, but perhaps it will help put me to sleep (for the night only–dah!!). Please give me the gamut so I can see if I’ve skipped anything (my skipping needs work, energy and crutches). My mother will not be reading this, so go hard-core as far as you think my heart will take it? No, I don’t have a pace-maker. My heart has been broken several times so it has doubled up on resistance, hooked to a 6-pack of life-long batteries.
    The doctor says just leave the broken cupid’s arrow alone, flesh will grow around it. Thanks, cf

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