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Amazon Prime Deal for New Members Drops Price to $72



Amazon boosted its price for its Prime service to $99 earlier last year, which is up $20 from what it used to be. However, a one-day deal that will take place tomorrow (Saturday, the 24th) will allow new members to sign up for a year of Amazon Prime for only $72.

Furthermore, to celebrate its Golden Globe win, anyone can watch Amazon’s latest original series Transparent using the company’s Instant Video service. Normally, you’d have to have a Prime account in order to watch Transparent, but Amazon will be making all episodes free to watch for 24 hours starting tonight at midnight.

Amazon Prime offers free two-day shipping for customers and one-day shipping for just a few dollars, depending on what you’re ordering. Prime also comes with access to Amazon’s library of movies and TV shows that you can stream to your computer or mobile device, as well as access to Prime Music and the Kindle lending library where you can rent ebooks for free.


$72 for a year of Prime is the cheapest we’ve ever seen it. Previously, it’s normal price was $79 per year, but with this limited-time deal you can buy a year of Prime for almost 25% off, but it’s important to note that this is only for new members who have never signed up for Prime before.

With the normal price being $99, some users may be thinking if the service is still worth that cost. Many folks will most likely scold at the price hike, but not so fast. $99 per year comes down to $8.25 per month, which is about the same price as Netflix. That alone would be the cost for Amazon’s Prime Instant Video streaming service. Slap on free two-day shipping, Prime Music and Kindle’s lending library and you have yourself quite a deal.


Even if you only use Amazon Prime for the shipping benefits, it still comes out to a good deal, especially when you use Amazon religiously to buy everything. Two-day shipping costs for other retailers can be at least $10 (give or take) per order. After only 10 shipments, you’ve already paid for the cost of Amazon Prime. Not a bad deal, really.

Furthermore, you can even share your Amazon Prime shipping benefits with other people, and you could even split the cost a little if other want the two-day shipping benefits. If you have a family member that has an Amazon Prime membership, they can share their free two-day shipping with you. Or if you have a Prime membership yourself and are wanting to share the free two-day shipping with a family member, you can do that as well.

Amazon lets you share your free two-day shipping with up to four family members, so choose wisely. The requirements are a little odd, but it’s mostly for confirming that you know the person you’re inviting and that they know you as well — probably an effort to crack down on random sharing with people. You’ll simply just need to know their name, relationship to you, their email address and their birthday. From there, they’ll be able to get free two-day shipping.

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