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Amazon Prime Free Shipping Deadline Is Today



The deadline for standard Amazon shipping has passed, but if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you still have time to order something on Amazon and have it arrive before Christmas.

If you’re like many folks and do most of your Christmas shopping on Amazon, then you should be aware of the Amazon Christmas ordering cutoff dates that the company has set. These dates signify the last day that you can order something and guarantee that you receive it in time for Christmas.

Today is the last day that you can order something on Amazon and have it shipped to your doorstep before Christmas Day if you use Prime’s free two-day shipping option, while tomorrow is the last day if you use the $3.99 one-day shipping option.

Amazon Prime Shipping

You’ll have until midnight ET tonight to order a gift on Amazon if you want it to come before Christmas, while tomorrow night at midnight ET is the cutoff if you use the $3.99 one-day shipping. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while Amazon guarantees a delivery before Christmas, UPS and FedEx don’t really guarantee it themselves, especially during a time like Christmas, where package deliveries are through the roof.

With that said, it’s always possible that your package could arrive after Christmas if you wait until the last minute, which is why we recommend ordering a gift earlier than Sunday to make sure that you actually get it before Christmas. I’ve already received late packages using Amazon Prime, so I can’t imagine what the couple of days before Christmas will be like.

If you live in bigger cities around the US, you can take advantage of Amazon’s local delivery service on Christmas Eve, which will land you same-day shipping on a variety of goods and items. Amazon’s Local Express Delivery is available in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, San Bernardino area in California, Washington DC, and parts of New Jersey.

Keep these dates in mind when you’re doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, and if you don’t have Amazon Prime, but know someone who does, try and see if you can get them to share their free two-day shipping with you.

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