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Amazon Prime Now Launches with 1-Hour Deliveries



While services like Amazon Prime and Google Shopping Express are being enjoyed by millions of happy customers, many want online orders delivered even faster. This morning, Amazon made shopping even quicker by announcing the all new Prime Now package, with the promise of deliveries of essential goods within 1-hour.

Amazon Prime Now is a brand new service and app that looks to deliver online orders to customers within 1-hour of the order being placed, and a free option for delivery within 2 hours for items that aren’t as time sensitive.

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Last year Amazon announced a plan that many figured would never come to fruition, that being Amazon Prime Air. Flying drones that could deliver packages at speedy times often in under 30 minutes right to your doorstep. While this new Prime Now option isn’t there yet, it’s the first step. Read on for more details about the newly announced and now live in at least one city, Amazon Prime Now.

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The brand new Amazon Prime Now will be a free add-on for the millions of current Amazon Prime subscribers, and it’s a service that promises to deliver “tens of thousands of daily essentials” and certain items in less than one hour. With millions of items available for Amazon Prime regular shipping, tens of thousands seems like a small number, but this is a pilot program aimed at getting specific purchases right to your door.

According to Amazon this is for essential items purchased by Amazon users. Things like food, cereal, electronics, toys, diapers, paper towels, or even the all important toilet paper when you’re out.

An all new Amazon Prime Now app has been released for smartphones and tablets allowing users to shop as they always do, add select items to their cart, and choose either one or two hour delivery options. Amazon Prime Now will deliver anything from the list within one hour for $7.99, or within two hours for free.

Users will be able to purchase items from early hours in the morning all the way up to midnight, offering a wide range of options to customers. Prime Now shipping is available from 6 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week in select areas of Manhattan.

Yes, just like Google Shopping Express Amazon’s new Prime Now is only available in select areas, starting with Manhattan, and coming soon to a city near you in early 2015. Most likely wider parts of New York City and San Francisco are first on the list, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more details regarding this speedy new shipping method.

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These days online shopping is becoming more and more popular, and in densely populated areas like Manhattan paying the small $7.99 fee for 1-hour delivery will be worth it for thousands of buyers. Then considering the two hour option is completely free, this is certainly a service millions of shoppers would love to have in their city.

Along with being able to select extremely quick shipping times, the app will allow customers to select what time of day, and even track the package live right from the delivery driver. Meaning you can make sure to beat the clock and be home in time for these essential deliveries.

With more than 20 million items being sold on Amazon, tens of thousands of Prime Now items seems like a small selection, but we expect more products, options, and locations to get Prime Now in the near future. Would you pay for Amazon Prime to get all the benefits it has to offer, as well as Prime Now? Let us know in the comments below.

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