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Amazon Released Kindle App for iPhone



kindleiphone I’m impressed with how quickly this happened and it makes a huge statement or two. Amazon has released its Kindle App for the iPhone and iPod Touch. From the looks of what I’m reading so far, folks are impressed in the early going. So, now if you want to download Kindle content to your iPhone you can do so wirelessly straight to your phone. And if you’ve got a a Kindle 2, you can use the Whispersync technology to keep your content and bookmarks synced up between the two devices.

Oh, and that statement? Well, Amazon is making their over the air service available on other devices (and starting out with the iPhone) showing that it isn’t about the device its about the service for one. And there’s another statement in there as well. There’s been talk that Apple would eventually get into the e-Book business, but this looks like they are content to leave that market to Amazon.

UPDATE: I have downloaded the Kindle for the iPhone app on both the iPhone and the iPod Touch and it is working as advertised. After downloading a couple of books to the iPhone, and then firing it up on the iPod Touch, everything syncs across as advertisted. That part is nicely done. I do hope that the interface to purchase a book on these devices becomes easier in the future though. As of now you have to go to the Kindle Store via Safari. Because you have to zoom in on pages, etc… to search and find what you’re looking for, it isn’t that intuitive or easy to make a purchase.

Matt Miller has a put up a video in action. Check it out after the jump.

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