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Amazon Smartphone Rumors Rekindled By New Report



Over the past year we’ve heard countless rumors and reports that Amazon was looking to get into the smartphone market, but lately all the talk has been about an Amazon Prime game console.

This week though, new details and rumors provided by The Information have rekindled the fire regarding an Amazon Kindle phone after a long silence. It’s called “Project Aria” and could even be released inside of 2014. One manufacturer was reportedly talking with Amazon to produce it last year, likely HTC, and now reports are claiming those talks will deliver an Amazon smartphone this year.


The Information states that Amazon has been making rounds in many emerging markets throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America, aiming to offer a well-rounded budget smartphone for emerging markets later this year. The company has a wildly successful tablet range, and smartphones could be next.

“Project Aria” could be the first Amazon Kindle phone, one that will be cheap and aimed at emerging markets. The problem here is the Kindle Tablet range is about delivering content to consumers. Whether that be buying from, or using Amazon Instant Video, music options, or the Amazon App Store. Most of Amazon’s services are only in the US, meaning this could just be one more budget phone in a pool of many others, like the Moto G.

Last year rumors suggested Amazon Prime members would get it free, which would make sense given the new $99 price increase of Prime, but for now these are all only rumors.

Apparently multiple US carriers are having talks with Amazon, which would be vital to the company’s smartphones being successful, and we could be learning more soon. If the inside scoop provided to The Information ends up accurate, we could see a new round of Amazon Kindle smartphones hit the market inside of 2014.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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