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Amazon Takes Aim at Mom and Pop Stores with New Promotion



This Saturday, December 10th Amazon will launch a new promotion, a promotion that very clearly has mom and pop stores in its cross hairs. The retailer is going to be offering up an additional 5% off of its prices when users use the company’s Price Check app.

If you’ve never used Amazon’s Price Check app before, here is how it works. You waltz into a brick-and-mortar store not called Amazon with your iPhone or your Android. You fire up the application and you either scan a product’s bar code with said app, take a picture or just type the product in. Once you do that, if the app can find the item, you can place it in your virtual cart.

Now, assuming that you do this between the hours of 9PM PST on December 9th and 11:59PST on December 10th, Amazon will take an additional 5% off of the price, you can use it on up to three products, up to $5.


Fantastic, if you’re Amazon.

Great if you’re a consumer.

Maddening if you’re the owner of an independent bookstore or any other small business that competes with Amazon.

Luckily for them, the deal only lasts for a day. However, depending on how well it goes over with customers, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Amazon employ it again in the future.

Via: IntoMobile

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1 Comment

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