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AMD Continues to Struggle, CEO Steps Down, Talks Netbooks



Just before announcing their second quarter results, a stunning $269m loss, Hector Ruiz stepped down as CEO of AMD. Ruiz has been replaced by President and COO, Dirk Meyer. During the six years that Ruiz ran AMD, they posted a combined loss of $6.3 billion.

In other AMD news, newly-minted CEO Dirk Meyer talked about how serious they are about the ultra-portable / netbook space during the company’s earning conference call. Meyer said AMD was not interested in the MID space, but intended to compete seriously for ultra-portables / netbooks.

“We’re a much smaller company with not nearly the scale that our competitor has,” Meyer said. “We don’t intend to try to do absolutely everything they do in the marketplace. (But) slightly smaller form factor notebooks and inexpensive notebooks. That is a market segment that we’re interested in.”


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