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AMD may provide CPUs for Ultra-Mobile PCs, say PC makers



From DigiTimes, we get some news that AMD might be considering an entrance into the UMPC market:

Demand for Microsoft’s Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPCs) will really depend on whether technical issues such as excessive power use can be resolved, sources at Taiwan PC manufacturers indicated, who hinted that Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) may also become involved in this potential market.

AMD’s current Turion 64 and Geode processor offerings, which have been adopted set-top box (STB) and portable media player (PMP) providers, would also be suitable solutions for UMPCs, sources at Taiwan PC manufacturers found. A June 2005 benchmark report by Toms Hardware Guide stated that the Intel system uses 13% more power than AMD.

AMD also gave their own insights into the Tablet PC market:

AMD Taiwan declined to comment on the vendor’s possible entry in the UMPC market, but said the sector still needs time to develop. High costs, lack of market adoption and overlapping functions of notebooks are issues, which are also reasons why the Tablet PC has failed, according to AMD Taiwan.

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