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AMD Talks About Netbook, Mobility Strategy – Yukon Coming



image During AMD’s Financial Analyst meeting, they are announced a number of technologies, but of interest to our readers is their Netbook and ultra-portable strategy.  AMD announced the Yukon platform for the mini-notebook, netbook, and ultra-mobile platform  — to be released first half of 2009. They also laid out the platform roadmap for the next several years for ultra-mobiles and netbooks. Screen shots after the break.

Yukon: sleek mobile platform, slim processor implementation, sub-25 watt TDPs

Upcoming netbook /ultra-portable platform for 2009/2010/2011: Conesus: 2 cores, 1M cache, DDR2; Geneva 2 cores 2M cache, DDR3; Ontario 2 cores, 1 mb cache, DDR3, GPU









  1. John Harbison

    11/13/2008 at 4:01 pm

    IF AMD can actually deliver, I am really excited about this. I see this as a real 12″ notebook at $599. Sort of a MacAir with Windows at half price with good graphics and good video and great web HD experience. Better than the dell 12″ because of the better experience.

  2. loyukfai

    11/14/2008 at 12:11 am

    Interesting… Though I expect the majority netbooks sold in 2009 to be 10″ or under… So it seems AMD doesn’t have an answer for that segment…? Maybe her hands are full trying to maintain the share in the server market…

    One thing baffles me is that where’s VIA’s Nano…? Now that even HP has adopted Intel for its latest netbook…

    P.S. The 25W figure seems to include both the CPU (Yukon) and the chipset (Congo?), according to CNET… Still, it’s (much?) more than existing the Atom platform (coupled with a chipset which is not quite power efficient)…?

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