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AMD Tech Day – Biggest Takeaway So Far



amd 023 I’ll share more details later, but the biggest takeaway for mobile users is Shrike ( PUMA’s successor) and Hybrid CrossfireX. Hybrid CrossfireX is discrete graphics and integrated graphics on the same mobile computer, and turns discrete off when going to battery: great graphics capabilities when plugged in, battery savings when mobile. I’ve very excited about Hybrid Crossfire and the potential for mobile users.

Shrike is the successor to PUMA: GPU, CPU, and south bridge on one chip, now called an Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). Coming 2nd half of 2009, aiming for 17" gaming machines to 8" ultra-portables. Shrike will finally bring AMD to the ultra-portable space. Shrike is a great opportunity for AMD by fusing it all on to one piece of silicon.

Turion X2 Ultra to be available on OEM units in the next couple of months.



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